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Mixed Martial arts for the minD:



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“Live or die, the time for decision had come. Accept this fate or recreate? Aaron Jameson lay there that night of his near-overdose in sheer panic and dread that surely, he was dead.”

Jameson was given a last chance at this dance. He begged for his life and freedom from strife. He promised God he would change his evil ways and help free others from their affliction of addiction, help others transform from depressed to possessed with positivity.

"Mixed Martial Arts for the Mind" is a classic hero’s journey, the tale of one man’s fight with addiction, chronic fatigue, manic depression, anxiety, and the common, everyday struggles of life. It is a workbook for the weary and a master class to return to badass.

Aaron Jameson, author, fighter-turned-writer, retired Mixed Martial Artist, personal trainer, and Law of Attraction/Action life & career coach, tells his personal story of what it was like growing up and fighting his demons. He describes his own war within and the long, hard-fought battle between good and evil, giving us compelling hope and inspiration that there resides a Super-Self within each one of us, who beckons us to raise our vibration, level up, and play life at our fullest potential.

The strongest version of you begs to come out and play. Your Super-Self demands expression and not repression. There is a better way. Tap into it today before you stray and it’s too late to recreate. Buy this book. A must-read to succeed!

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"MY NEW BOOK No...l didn't write it It's written by one of my amazing clients, Aaron Jameson This guys is one, if not THE best coach I have ever met If you have ever struggled with your weight... Sore every day due to lack of mobility... Struggle with staying motivated to workout... Can't get your eating habits under control... This guy will seriously change your life He also happens to my own personal coach He gets my 5 STAR stamp of approval. You should 100% check him out and let him change your life."

Robert and Louise M.

"Okay, this book of your maybe small but its not a quick read. Only through the first chapter and I am having to pause and seriously think. This one line was a truth bomb for me. 

"I encourage you to let go of your war stories and write a new story for yourself."


"Dude your book is awesome it was right on time it helped me so much seriously I had a huge decision and it was definitely a divine sign as I read it.

One of the many signs I got that led me to my next step in life I'm actually moving to Hawaii in jan. 

I didnt know till the night after I saw u"



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